I Help Women

Develop A Healthy Relationship

with Food and Their Bodies Through Fasting, Meditation/Yoga, and Self Inquiry

About Ivory

Welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My name is Ivory van Veen. I specialize in helping women reconnect to their divine nature by coming into alignment with their highest truth of abundance and unconditional love. I am a yoga practitioner, avid meditator, kirtan fanatic,and self-help junkie. 


I Teach Women...

1. How to develop a loving, GUILT FREE relationship with food

2. How to love and enjoy their body

3. How to take back their power and connect with their divine nature  


This is my story...

As a child I was heavy and tall. I remember adults used to call me big. I didn't know if this was a good or a bad thing. All I knew was; I was big, and big was different, and being different in someways made me feel less loved.  The other girls didn't have a tummy or arms like me and they weren't taller than the boys.  When I became a teenager I would numb out my feelings of not feeling good enough with food. I spent years playing the brain game with food:  "this is good, this is bad, this will make me fat, I will feel guilty if I eat that." I used to hate the mirror and would scrutinize each part of my body feeling shameful and disconnected.  As a young adult, I finally got to a place where I had felt enough pain and I wanted to change the way I looked. I began to fixate on my body thinking that having the perfect body would help me to fit in and help me to feel more lovable. I started going to the gym and eating right and I started to look more like the "other girls." I began to feel more confident but still didn't feel loved. I was still searching for love and acceptance and I started to look for validation outwardly by men. I felt I needed a man to confirm to me that I was beautiful/unconditionally loved.  I think that this is maybe the point where I began to see that the things I had been searching for outwardly, were always inside. To get to this point of recognition I had to peel away at the barriers of not being good enough or deserving of love. I had to look at the ways I was judging myself and my body and see the truth of my being. This journey hasn't been easy and I think my weight loss journey prepared me for the battle of the inner work to be done. Looking inside required looking at the places I didn't want to look at. The places where I had denied myself of love for so long.  I am not perfect, and I am trying to humbly let go of the lies that: myself, society, family, and friends have told me for so long that stop me from fully embracing my birth right, as divine. This journey has been long and excruciatingly painful at times; however, I can say it has lead me to a place of peace with my body and a deeper love and acceptance of myself, flaws and all.

If you are a women who has denied yourself of: love, pleasure, and power... who has let outside influences dictate how you feel; I am here to help you re-discover the truth of your existence. To feel worthy of abundance and unconditional love. To live in your highest alignment of authenticity and divine nature. I am here to connect with leaders/rebels/shift-changers. I am here to help create an inclusive/all embracing world where women celebrate their femininity and power. A world I would be proud and honoured to share with my future daughter.

If you’re someone:

-who is ready to make big change in their life

-who is ready to embrace their femininity and their truth

You've landed in the right place and among a community of women who will support/hold you throughout your journey.  I would love to connect with you and hear about your story. Shoot me an email at...






-200 Hour Traditional Sivananda Hatha Yoga Instructor

-200 Hour Ontario Hatha Yoga Instructor

-6 months of Karma Yoga at Sivananda Ashram Bahamas

-Canfit Pro Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor

-Algonquin College Health/Fitness Promotions Graduate 

-Over over 3 year of teaching yoga

-Over 2 years of daily yoga/meditation practice

-2 years of personal training experience